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~~~~My Friends Pages~~~~

I have been very blessed to have met these wonderful friends of mine!! They are special and unique!! They all have a very special place in my heart!! Please take the time to meet them!!!! You will be very glad you did!!

I met BoB, Shortly after I got on the internet.He has the patience of saint.He has helped me (and a lot of other people) learn html and lots of tricks of webtv.He's the smart one.His page is about buying webtv.He has webtvs for sale. And everything you need to go with it!! If you need some help or a webtv...He's the man to see..Thank you BoB..For being there!!

J&B Webtv & Computers!!

Kathy has the biggest heart of anyone I know!! She is very special..Shes has helped me a lot!! Her pages have Gifs,Recipes & pages for the kids!! She is very tallented!! I couldn't have survived without my cttt SiS~~Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Rhonda is my bud!! Way cool!! I have known her for many years.Our sons hangout together!! We have been through some ""STUFF"" HaHa..Her site offers free graphics!!! Go and check them out!!

Rhonda's Free Graphics Domain

May is a very nice lady!! She is on top of things!! She is always sending me wonderful things...all the new "STUFF"" A very good friend!!! Thanks May!! Her site has wonderful graphics & Lots of great poems!! You can see her children's pages also!!

May's Place

Dori~~(The dreamer) I am so glad we met.She is a very funny,smart,tell it like it is down to earth woman!! I like her style!! She also is a very talented writer.She wrote the poems on her page!! They are wonderful..She also has a funny toon page!! Her son Danny is a very tallented artist!!! Thanks for being there..And just being you!!

Dori Dreamer's Dreams

Danny is a very talented artist!! I really like his sketches.They are awsome!! And he is a teenager..So talented already!! Dori is his mom...So much tallent in one family!! His page has lots and lots of Nascar gifs.Thanks for taking care of your mom.And teaching me a thing or two...about the web!!! You are very gifted!!

Danny's BackGrounds

Deb is a very awsome lady!! I met her almost a year ago on the web, through a mutal friend..She is a very real pers ]on...We have shared a lot of humor together.I don't get to talk to her very much!! We work alot..And moving yuck!! She is a bright ray of sunshine!!! On her page she has neon gifs & antiques..They are fantastic!!

DP's Neon Flamingo and Chrome Dinette Page

Sandy is a pretty cool lady!!!! I haven't know Sandy very long...Heck she just lives like 20 miles away..Haven't met her in person yet....She is a family person!! Funny!!! A people person!! On her pages. She has wonderful angel gifs!! Very pretty!!

Lady Soddy's Angel Pages

Judy is the most awesome & funniest lady I know..She has me Rolling On The Floor Laughing~~Each and every day!!! Her website is fantastic!! She has the best music!!!! And she has some real funny pages!! You will be floored by her!! And she has helped me a million times!! And I know she will be there for me~~A zillion more times..And she won't even well maybe a little...Ha-Ha Thank you sooooooo much!!! My friend!!

JazzyGma's WEBSITE

This is Pat's homepage!!! Wonderful Poetry!!She has a heart as big as the universe!!! She is a very very special person!! You must go and meet, ""LIMEYLADY"" She will grab your heart!!! Thank you so much for everything..

LimeyLady's Tea Shoppe

You will enjoy meeting Marlene!!! She is a very caring Lady!! Her web pages are very up lifting!! She is always sending prayer request!!! Helping who ever needs her!! A big heart!! A Very Special Woman!! Now go and meet Marlene!!

Candle of light's Web Page!!!

I would like you too meet my friend Janine...She lives in Elijay Ga....Where the Cabbage Patch Dolls are born...She is a very positve person..Everyday she sends wonderful treasures to brighten my day...She is Awesome!!! And here pages are made from the heart...She has Poetry and sayings...Lots of goodies...You will love her and her pages..GOOD FRIEND...Thank you for all the wonderful things you send...By the way she made this AWESOME friendship award for me!!!

Janine's Pages!!

April is a very caring person!! She is always asking us too help someone feel better...And Oh soooooo very talented...She has the greatist gif pages!!! She has put a lot of effort into her home!!! I am very glad our paths have crossed....

Welcome To April's Rainbows!!!!
Very nice place to be!!

Suzie is the most AWESOME angel I know..Everyday she is there to greet me with a bright ray of sunshine!!! She believes in ANGELS..She should know..You will just love her and her pages...I am so very blessed to have her watching over me!!!! I am very honored to call her my friend!!!

Go Say Hi!!!

This is my bestest~bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!~Sherry~"Bo-Berry"!! She means the world to me...Love her soooooooo much!! She has always.....been there for matter what..don't even have to ask..she knows.shes there...always my rock..always catches me before I hit the ground..She is my gaurdian angel..I couldn't even ever try and tell her or you what she means to me...please visit her site..You will be blessed by meeting her!! And your life will never be the same again....haha...

Me & My Family!!